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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thieves Panicking : Internal Survey Shows BN Can Only Win NINE Parliamentary Seats !!

Thats what I heard. 

Source : Ahlul Kahfi or Cave Dweller.

They say the BN commissioned an internal survey to see their chances of winning in the general elections. 

The survey showed they can win ONLY NINE PARLIAMENTARY SEATS ! ! 
And one of these NINE SEATS is the Cave dweller's. 

Folks, they can spend all the money they want. 
The thieves are just not going to win the elections.  

The RAHMAN THEORY is going to come true. 
It will be the end of the BN. 
MCA, MIC etc will go kaput. 

The Thieves are panicking. 
They are making all sorts of stupid and insane statements.

But they are having serious trouble with "Enemy Identification".

From my experience, identifying the real enemy can be a real problem and a very big danger to resolve conflicts and problems.

After the Second World War was over and Adolph Hitler was dead, Churchill is believed to have said, "We have killed the wrong pig".

The Thieves are having serious difficulty with enemy identification.

Until a few weeks ago it was the DAP.  DAP this, DAP that, etc.

Now it is Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir this, Dr Mahathir that, etc.

This is a terrible mistake. 
And they are wasting so much time, energy and resources going after the wrong enemy.

The real pig is within. 
The enemy is not outside.
Their worst enemy is on the inside - pissing on all of them.  

As Anina Saadudin said so eloquently, "Dia kincin kita semua."

A Lying Idiot Or An idiot Who Is Lying.

I received this picture. Folks say the idiot had been campaigning on Tioman Island. As usual the idiot is super happy that he gets to meet more and more Malays who are poor. 

Here he  "gave away" rakyat termiskin houses to even more Malay rakyat termiskin. Looks like under the idiot's leadership every other Malay has become a rakyat termiskin.

But you have to pay attention to the numbers he is mentioning. 
Quite unbelievable. Obviously more stealing is happening. 

Here is the idiot's own tweet (I believe so, it has his picture and name on the tweet) :

First of all he says that the 'PPR'  (Projek Perumahan Rakyat) was 92% subsidised ! ! !

Fuiyyo ! ! ! 

A  92% SUBSIDY ! ! !

He says the house has a 'harga asal RM403,000' per unit but it has been given to the rakyat termiskin at RM35,000 only ! ! !

So the gomen must do this for all other "rakyat termiskin Melayu dan bukan Melayu" all around the country.   
What is so special about 'rakyat termiskin' in Pulau Tioman? 
Rakyat termiskin is rakyat termiskin.

The gomen must give a 92% subsidy for PPR houses in Kedah, Johor, Sabah, Terengganu, Kelantan, Selangor etc.

But  look at the house. 
The construction is so shoddy. 
This is 3rd class construction. 
Rumah Kelas Tiga.  
The roof is glavanised iron sheets. 
In Malay galvanised iron is "rumah atap zinc" or "bumbung zinc".
Look at the picture. I have outlined in red colour.

Then look at the flooring.
The flooring is plain cement render.
No ceramic tiles or concrete stamping for the car porch or apron. 
I have outlined in blue.

Some crony built this "rumah atap zinc" for RM403,000 ! ! !

They are just stealing. This house is hardly 1000 square feet in size. Assuming it is 1000 sf in size, then the cost per square foot is RM403,000 / 1000 sf = RM403 per square foot ! ! !

Construction cost RM403 psf ! ! This is an insane price.  

Folks look at this villa. It was built near Bangi.  

Built up area just over 5000 square feet. 5 spacious bedrooms with 5 attached bathrooms, living area, dining area, dry and wet kitchen, maids rooms with bathroom, back terrace, covered courtyard etc. With 40 foot swimming pool, solar heated hot water in all rooms etc. Floor to ceiling tiles in all bathrooms, 14 foot high ceilings, quality wooden flooring inside, heavy duty anti slip ceramic tiles outside.

Outside the house the swimming pool, pool deck and covered courtyard is another 3000 square feet.Total livable space is 8000 sf.

The total construction cost was RM800,000. (Does not include land cost).
Not joking.  I know because I was involved in this project.

But in Tioman they have built 1000 square foot size 'rumah setinggan atap zinc' for RM403,000 a piece.  They are stealing.

My estimation is the construction cost of those Tioman houses will hardly exceed RM100 psf. 

So 1000 sf x RM100 = RM100,000 only (inclusive of developers profit).
Even if my estimate is 50% mistaken, just add another RM50,000. 

It is still only RM150,000.

I doubt the land cost is more than RM25 psf in Tioman.
Lets just put the land cost at TWICE the amount, say RM50,000.

The cost of this 'rumah bumbung zinc' should not exceed RM200,000 per unit (including developers profit).  But Najib says the houses cost RM403,000 ! ! !

What is happening is the thieves are making money at the expense of the rakyat. Including the taxpayers, the ordinary citizens and the poor people.

First they find poor people.
Then they build 3rd class 1000 sf 'squatter houses with galvanised iron roofs'.
Then they tell the poor people, 'This is a GIFT for you'. 
We have subsidised 92% of the price. You only pay RM35,000.

This means the gomen pays the contractor RM403k - RM35k = RM368k.
That is our money. Taxpayers money.

 Whoever the developer / contractor is has made a ton of money.

We the taxpayers get suckered because they use our money to overpay for bumbung zinc squatter house type dwellings. 

Then they tell the poor people to pay RM35,000 for these houses and tell tem 'This is a gift for you'.  

The poor do not know how to calculate or figure things out. That is why it is best to keep them poor. Then you can cheat them.

Russia To Build 100,000 Ton "Shtorm" Class Aircraft Carriers

Russia to lay down new heavy aircraft-carrier in 2025
revive vertical takeoff/landing (VTOL) shipborne fighter jets

development of shipboard plane, possibly a vertical takeoff fighter

Project 2300 Shtorm heavy aircraft-carrier 
full complement aircraft, air defense, cruise missiles

new carrier’s deck size of three football fields 
house 4,000 crew members.

330-meter long Shtorm a revival of Soviet-era supercarrier Ulyanovsk
100,000-ton displacement 
up to 90 fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Shtorm will have endurance of 120 days, maximum speed 30 knots.

new aircraft carrier will carry STOVL aircraft

carrier able to operate in Arctic 
will have electromagnetic catapults

arming Shtorm with battery of hypersonic Zirkon missiles

Russia currently relies on Admiral Kuznetsov carrier, launched 1985. 
However its capabilities pale in comparison to the Shtorm.

Here is a scale model of the 'Shtorm':


My comments :  This new aircraft carrier will not begin construction until 2025 - another eight years away. It may take years after that for completion and commissioning into the Russian Navy.  I believe by that time the Chinese would have built at least THREE more aircraft carriers. 

In this new design, note the SPLIT "islands" on the carrier's flight deck (in the model above). This design is similar to the latest Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy. They are much smaller. One is most likely the flight operations tower and the other is the ship operations tower. The smaller size and the space in between the "islands" allows for carrying more aircraft.  

I believe one day aircraft carriers will not have any 'islands' or control towers on the flight decks at all.

Aircraft carriers are useful for power projection and where the theatre of war, conflict zone or area of strategic and military interest are separated by seas and oceans.  Historically Russia has never been an "aircraft carrier" power.

The simple reason being Russia's huge landmass and its vast distances, the country stretches  maybe 1/4 of the way around the world. Russia remains the largest country on Earth.  

With such a vast land mass there was no need for Russia to acquire aircraft carriers. Russian airbases from the border with China, Mongolia, Kamchatka to the Arctic and to Finland could provide air cover against any air incursion into Russia or strike vast areas outside Russia.

The now famous Russian cruise missile strike into Syria in October 2015 was done from Russian Navy missile ships sailing on the Caspian Sea, about 1000 miles from Syria. The Caspian Sea is partly Russian territory.  

However there are areas like the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific which are becoming increasingly important for Russia. 

I doubt there will be large scale wars between the superpowers like Russia, America or China. But there will be highly intense 'low intensity' conflicts like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Balochistan etc.

Suicide bombers, IEDs, beheadings using swords, throwing grenades, shooting with pistols and AK47 rifles will be the order of the century.

Reports say that over the past few weeks 40,000 civilians have been killed in the liberation of Mosul from the ISIS.  That is a high number of casualties yet it was not a full fledged war with mass movement of regiments, divisions, tanks or armour.  It is a low intensity conflict involving suicide bombers, IEDs, beheadings, snipers, blowing things up etc. Yet 40,000 people have died. 

There will be more of such conflicts in that part of the world.

Friday, July 21, 2017

New Russian Torpedo Fizik 2 Can Be Launched From 1500 Feet Underwater

Russia’s subs capable of hitting target from any depth
subs armed with modernized thermal torpedo, Fizik-2.

torpedo outperforms Mk 48 Spiral torpedo of US Navy
in terms of noise level, velocity, hitting range. 
Fizik-2 can travel 10 km longer 
hit any target, submarines, aircraft carriers.

torpedo developed by Research & Design Institute Morteplotekhnika
already entered service with Russian Navy
will replace all electric-propelled torpedoes with Russian Navy

acquires target with dual-channel target seeker. 
active-passive hydroacoustic system 
detect target’s wake at 1.2-2.5 km. 
torpedo hit range 50 km 
carry warhead  300 kilograms

Fizik-2 length 7.2 meters, flattened nose cone
main feature axial internal-combustion engine 
pistons moving parallel to shaft.
torpedo control surfaces pop up after launch. 
reduces noise and greater maneuverability.
Fizik-2 uses water jet instead of propeller. 
maximum speed over 110 km/h

torpedo gives Russian Navy serious advantage over rivals.

Unlike predecessors Fizik-2 launched from depth of 500 meters
near critical operational depth for nuclear submarines.