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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ikhwani Anwarista Appointed Education Minister. Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) Gets Closer And Closer.



Folks I hope you are aware that many Malaysians have become alarmed over the appointment of Dr Maszlee Malik as the Education Minister.

In less than 24 hours over 40,000 Malaysians have signed a Petition demanding that our Prime Minister YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed be reappointed as the Minister of Education. Here is Free Malaysia Today with the story :

new education minister not gone down well with critics, rights activists
point to his leanings to Salafist Islam, similar to Saudi Arabia 

concern over Maszlee’s speaking out against non-Sunnis 

disappointment with Dr M's decision to give up education portfolio
An online petition started yesterday 

in less than 24 hours, petition reaching 50,000 signatures
over 48,000 signing it (already)

Mahathir initially education minister

I cannot break (promise) at the moment, unless there is a demand that I take up education portfolio,” Dr Mahathir said yesterday 

Maszlee, lecturer at International Islamic University 
joined PPBM in March

sympathised with Zakir Naik, wanted in India over money laundering, extremism
Zakir received support from Perlis mufti, also closely associated with Maszlee
Maszlee part of Perlis fatwa committee 

Asri and Perlis mufti dept under scrutiny from (Suhakam) hearing 
case of missing Perlis activist Amri Che Mat
mufti accused by Amri’s wife for harrassing her family 

Maszlee close brother in arms of Perlis Mufti
hardliner pretending to be ‘moderate  says activist Sheryll Stothard

Siti Kassim described Maszlee as intolerant 
portrays himself as “accommodating and open”

Attempts to get Maszlee’s response in vain 
calls to him were cut short

My comments :  Since yesterday the Whatsapps have gone viral that the new Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik is a 'closet salafist'. 

Actually he is quite an Anwarista and a supporter of the disastrously failed and bunglingly confused Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood which was founded by Hassan Al Banna in Egypt. 

The Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood is another Arab religious cult that has failed disastrously all over the Middle East.

Dr Maszlee is said to be a protege of Perlis Mufti Dr Mohamed Asri Zainal Abidin. 

Another Whatsapp says Maszlee is an AJK of the Majlis Fatwa Perlis. 

Here is a graphic making the rounds :

And here is a picture of some of the folks that Maszlee (extreme left) likes to hang out with.  Err isnt that  fellow sitting across him, the guy who was mentioned in some news about some s_x video ?  

He he he mu  berape bini ? Mu  dah jadi Menteri boleh kahwing lagi !

People who know Maszlee personally say that he is a family friend and supporter of Anwar Ibrahim.  While studying in Jordan he used to travel to London and meet the Ikhwan Muslimin crowd over there.

As FMT states above, he has spoken up to support Indian "terror preacher"  Zakir Naik

  • Assistant professor at Intnl Islamic University Dr Maszlee Malik agreed with Mujahid.
  • He said Zakir is a soft-spoken preacher and does not condemn other religions.
  • “I urge non-Muslims to hear him out to get a clearer picture on Islam.”
  • Zakir’s presence in Malaysia has ruffled feathers, with MIC Youth reportedly lodging multiple police reports against him.

Maszlee has also written many articles in his blog  ( in support of  Muhammad Morsi the deposed "Muslim Brotherhood" president of Egypt.

Here are some of his writings in support of Mohamed Morsi and the Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood :
  • Kejatuhan kerajaan Morsi ..berpunca daripada kumpulan serpihan Hosni Mubarak
  • Pandangan itu disuarakan penganalisis politik Mesir, Dr. Maszlee Malik
  • menyifatkan perkembangan berkenaan sebagai sesuatu yang amat malang 
  • mereka gagalkan usaha Morsi untuk melakukan perubahan di Mesir,” kata pensyarah (UIA) itu 

Here is more :

  • pensyarah (UIAM) Dr Maszlee Malik berkata, rakyat negara itu meminta ‘kuasa besar’ menghormati demokrasi, kedaulatan undang-undang dan hak rakyat.
  • Gerakan Islam sanggup berpegang kepada prinsip demokrasi berbanding sikap hipokrasi golongan liberal dan sekular yang kononnya ‘menjunjung’ demokrasi dan hak asasi manusia berhubung isu Mesir ini,” katanya.

Gerakan Islam refers to the Ikhwan Muslimin.  And exactly repeating the Ikhwan Muslimin views about the Shias:

  • Penyelewengan Syiah mencabar perlembagaan negara yang meletakan agama Islam sebagai agama rasmi negara kata Pensyarah Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Dr Maszlee Malik.

Now please read this Facebook posting by someone. I received it via WhatsApp.  

This FB posting  
  • begins with a greeting to "Ikhwan"
  • congratulates Maszlee Malik
  • it mentions a mysterious "top leader kita" (who can that be?) 
  • it says jangan bimbang dengan DAP dan Tun Dr Mahathir
  • ikhwah (brothers) sudah bertapak dalam ppbm
  • pastikan ppbm dalam kontrol kita
  • ikhwah kita masuk Amanah, PKR, PPBM beramai2

For a certainty Maszlee Malik, the new Minister of Education is pro Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood.  

Not too long ago I mentioned that the Muslim Brotherhood has their candidate running for a Parliamentary seat in our 14th General Elections.  

I did not mean Maszlee Malik.  I was actually referring to another guy. That other guy (who is now an MP - he won his seat)  is in this picture above.

This is the Muslim Brotherhood's classic infiltration technique.  Muslim Brotherhood supporters are in Amanah, PPBM and certainly PKR where Anwar Ibrahim is the Brotherhood's super star.  They are also in PAS.

Anwar Ibrahim says he will be travelling overseas including to some Islamic countries.  You can guess he will be meeting his old Ikhwan Muslimin buddies - to huddle and to strategise on issue. Just dont cuddle too much ok. 

Folks, they are back. 

The Continuing Saga Of The Unbelievable Stupidity Of The Son of Tun Razak Bin Hussein

They gave birth to a congenitally stupid son.

It is so very sad that it is becoming so obvious that the son of Tun Abdul Razak Bin Hussein is not only a low class, common thief but he is also unbelievably stupid.  

When the RM2.6 Billion in his private bank account was exposed he first said that it would be really stupid of him to have received so much money into his own personal bank account.  

Later when the evidence had been leaked that it was indeed the case,  he then acknowledged  that the RM2.6 Billion had been deposited into his private bank account.  So he was stupid after all.

But . . .but . . but . . it was a donation.

There are many levels of extreme stupidity here. 

First he denied it using a simple Standard One level lie.  Not only was it a simple lie but he did not know that nowadays certainly such things can be instantly debunked / disproved with just a few touches on a smartfone, tablet or laptop. He was too stupid to even realise that.

Soon he had no choice but to acknowledge that the RM2.6 Billion was indeed in his private bank account.  But it was now a donation from an Arab. 

Even the most stupid, third grade movie script could not be this stupid. 

But the son of Tun Abdul Razak Bin Hussein exhibited such unbelievable stupidity. 

And, he really expected the people to believe his stupidity.  

Now that he is ultimately going to jail, he will show even more stupidity. For example he will NOT be able to show us or point out exactly the Arab Prince Al Saud bin Majed bin Aziz bin Majed bin Al Saud  bin Abdul Azeez who he says gave him that RM2.6 Billion.  Why? Because there is no such person.

Lets see what he says has happened to that Arab prince. Maybe the Arab prince too was abducted like Pastor Koh. 

Thirdly he bungled again when he said that the money was donated to him by the Arab prince to fight the ISIS. He bungled the dates because the ISIS did not exist when the Arab prince supposedly donated the RM2.6 Billion.  Kantoi again. The son of Tun Razak bin Hussein lied again. 

Now the son of Tun Razak bin Hussein says that the over 100 kg of gold and over RM100.0 MILLION in cash (various currencies) found in his house were kept there for over 10 years.  He says the safes in which they were kept have not been opened for 10 years.

More stupidity by the son of Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein.  

Firstly he is saying that he has stashed away the 100 kg of gold and over RM100.0 million cash  for over 10 years !! 

But the Arab prince gave him that RM2.6 Billion only a few years ago.   

So how could he get 100 kg of gold bars and over RM100.0 million cash from more than  10 YEARS AGO?  

Or he is confessing that he had started stealing so much money even from before 10 years ago?

But the stupidity of the son of Tun Razak bin Hussein is again quite unbelievable.   It seems to have no bounds.

Among the cash hoard were US$100 Bills.  In the US they are called 'Bens' because Benjamin Franklin's picture is on the US$100 bill. 

Among my mamak money changer friends they call it 'pach-che' which is 'green colour' in Tamil.  US Dollars are green and hence also called greenbacks.  

Here is a picture of some of the seized US$100 Bills that has gone viral over the past couple of days.

Here is the catch. 

All currency notes have serial numbers.   

And from the serial numbers their date of manufacture / printing can be exactly determined.  

You cannot run away from simple Standard Two level of proofs like these.  

Here is something else. Five years ago in 2013 the US released upgraded US$100 Bills.   There are easily identifiable differences between these "new" bills and the "older" bills printed BEFORE 2013.

Here is Wikipedia :  "The Series 2009 $100 bill redesign was unveiled on April 21, 2010, and was issued to the public on October 8, 2013.   The new bill has a blue ribbon woven into the center of the currency with "100" and Liberty Bells, alternating, that appear when the bill is tilted."

Kantoi lagi lah anak Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein !

Here are the US$100 Bills - front and reverse. 

On the reverse side of the "new" US$100 Bill above you can see that building (Independence Hall).  Notice the clock tower on top of that building. 

Wikipedia says :

"The time on the clock of Independence Hall on the reverse, according to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, showed approximately 4:10 on the older contemporary notes and 10:30 on the series 2009A notes released in 2013."

Kantoi lagi !  If the cash hoard locked up in the safe includes EVEN ONE of the "new" Benjamins printed in 2013 it will be simple proof that the son of Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein has been proven a liar yet again. The safes have NOT been locked up for 10 years.

But all this is unnecessary. This is just some drama for your Saturday reading.  OutSyed The Box style.

All the currency notes (USD, RM, Sri Lankan Rupees etc) will have serial numbers. From the serial numbers you can track the date of their manufacture / printing.  

The same goes for the 100 kg of pure gold bars found inside the safes.  All gold bars will have the name of the mint or refinery which made the gold bars. They also will have serial numbers. The serial numbers will again prove the date of their manufacture.  

If even ONE GOLD BAR has a serial number that is less than 10 years old,  it is proof enough that not only is he lying but that the son of Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein is congenitally stupid. 

Friday, May 18, 2018


So they were involved in FIVE murders??  

Who were the other two?  

That Altantuya murder really stinks.

So does the murder of Kevin Morais.

The murder of Hussein Najadi also does not meet with heads and tails.

In all three murders, the people who have been tried for these murders have no proper motive.

The Altantuya murder was the worst. Sirul says Azilah told him he would get RM50,000 - RM100,000 to get some work done.

Finally he was paid RM430.00 only.

So the motive was money. 

Who promised to pay them? Who paid the money?

The Kevin Morais murder is equally weird. 

What was the motive for those accused fellows (including a medical doctor) to have Kevin Morais murdered?

I have a message for Hishamuddin Rais. 

This is a great task bro. You can do this. Here is one more murder mystery that needs to be reopened :  Norita Shamsuddin.

Norita Samsuddin, 22, was a small town girl from up north, trying to make it in the big city. She had the good looks of a fashion model and was believed to have received several modelling offers all of which she turned down in lieu of building a career as a marketing executive at Transpro Sdn Bhd, the company she was attached to at the time of her untimely demise.

On Dec 5, 2003, Norita was found dead in a room at a posh apartment complex in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Her naked body was found with her hands tied with a bra and several wires. There were no signs of injury on her body except strangulation marks on her neck and piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth. Engineer Hanif Basri was later arrested and charged for her murder. It was believed that Hanif had visited Norita that night and the prosecution tried to prove that he was the last person to see her alive.

However during the trial it was brought to light that someone else had visited Norita after Hanif left. The case against Hanif however was a weak one. Hanif was acquitted after a trial that came complete with conspiracy theories and lurid details of Norita's social life.

The circumstances surrounding her death was as mysterious as the circumstances surrounding the investigations after her death. It was believed that the crime scene was tampered with although nothing was ever proven.

My comments : I recall press reports in 2004 which said that the crime scene was tampered with.  Witnesses who first found Norita's body said her hands were not tied with anything.  

Later the Police investigation said her body was found with her hands tied. 

The real murderer was never found.  Hanif Basri the accused was acquitted by the Court (without even his defense being called - meaning the Judge just killed the prosecution's case).

Despite that the Police did not bother to reopen the case. The Police did not try to find the real murderer.

I recall people saying that a huge cover up was involved. That the real murderer was connected to a powerful politician.  

This was rumour.  But why didnt the Police pursue the case again, when the Court had thrown the case into the dustbin. There was no case against the person they brought to Court. It was a sham trial, just to charge somebody and show him up in Court.