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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Inspired By A Thief, MARA Digital Mall To Pelingkup, Despite **Strong Malaysian Economy** - The Ismail Kotak Ikan Business Model Collapses

If it is not happening already someday soon business schools studying disastrous business management techniques will be writing volumes of case studies focussing on "The Malaysian Experience". 

The bullshit really has to come to an end and it is happening now.

Malaysian Airlines wanted to get the giant jumbo Airbus A380 that can take up to 500 passengers. After buying the A380, MAS found out that they did not have enough cashflows to sustain such an aircraft.  

But they did not buy just one or two A380s. They bought SIX !! (Some say eight??)  

Why half a dozen?  Maybe because it was easier to say  'Give me half a dozen'.  Now they want to sell ALL the Airbus A380s.   That was the Khazanah school of management.

Yesterday we heard that the Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia have all shut down. 

Today the news is that the MARA Digital Mall is also facing difficulty. 

Here is Free Malaysia Today :

touted as competitor for (ICT) mall Low Yat Plaza two years ago
today Mara Digital Mall struggling with decline in sales and patrons.

aka “Low Yat 2” launched Dec 8, 2015
following dispute at Low Yat Plaza in July that year 
youth stole RM800 Lenovo smartphone from shop there.
Mara Digital Mall caters specifically to Bumi entrepreneurs

reserved specifically for Malay-Bumi traders
Last Dec Ismail Sabri said Mara Digital Mall recorded turnover RM18.4m 
He said this proved wrong cynics who said mall would not last long

traders now seeing decrease in sales 
lack of product variation, competitive prices, slow publicity.
despite mall’s strategic location near Sogo and Jalan TAR 

a manager said customers eventually returned to Low Yat Plaza.
Mara Mall could not compete with Low Yat  products at lower prices

We can’t lower prices because we are required to get supplies from sole vendor.

(Huh?? What kind of business model is this? Mail Punya Kepala Hotak Ikan?)

“If given freedom to choose suppliers, might be able to lower our prices"

products at Mara Digital generally 10 - 12% more expensive than Low Yat

not first time concerns have been raised 
Dec 2016 traders worried inability of sole supplier WGN 
to ensure supply of products would affect consumer confidence

customers complained items they wanted not available
customers grumbled each time “no stock” excuse

My comments : Its time we spoke about that sekolah tahfiz arson and murder case.  

All the devil worshippers are dancing around the fire. 
No one is addressing the issue that the boys involved in the arson and murder were drug addicts and drug pushers. The Police have already investigated the drug links. 

Why did the boys get so mad that they were willing to burn down the school?
What triggered their anger?

Was it a turf war?
Is it because someone did not pay them money for the drugs?
Or someone was asking for a bigger cut?
What is the real story?

What was their motive? 
This cannot be like that other case. 
No motive was recorded. 
They just blew up that woman for the heck of it.
And we are supposed to believe that version.

So what is the real story behind the MARA Digital Mall?  
The Digital Mall  was inspired by a thief.

A thief had stolen a handphone at the Low Yat Plaza. The traders had caught the thief. The thief then went home, got his bunch of friends and returned to the Low Yat Mall and beat up the traders. The thief and his friends were Malay, the Low Yat traders were Chinese. In no time the dumb ass Dumbno idiots made it a racial issue.

It was nothing more than thievery. A theft.

In defence of the thief, Ismail Kepala Hotak Ikan made the grand announcement that he would set up a bumiputra only digital mall to compete with Low Yat. 

The Digital Mall followed the Ismail Kepala Hotak Ikan business model : all the bumi traders would have to buy their products from a sole supplier only. 

To make a long story short,  how much longer will this MARA Digital Mall last? 
Three months? Six months? 

How can you hope to survive if your prices are 20% higher than not only Low Yat but any other IT mall? 

Plus, havent you morons heard of Lazada? 
You can buy a handphone for RM200+ on Lazada - delivered direct to your house.  
Tak payah pergi ke Low Yat pun.

Here is another funny "business model" story.  

A bunch of "mamak semua bumiputera" types had made a bunch of money selling off a "cuci jamban contract". Worth billions.  I kid you not.

To diversify,  they used a tiny amount  of  their "skim cepat kaya" money to venture into other businesses.  

They soon bought a restaurant operation, complete with menu and recipes, fully equipped kitchen, full staffing, an existing customer base and a good track record.  

All they had to do was just manage the business, do some promotion and maybe open new outlets. It could have been a great success.

Then the disasters began to pile up.

First they let go some of the hard working staff and replaced them with the 'busy texting on the handphone' type of staff.

They also appointed managers and supervisors who were graduates of the 'managing in absentia' school of management.  Maybe the same school Ismail Kepala Hotak Ikan attended.

Other weird things happened. Since they were 'koporat',  the finance department ordered the restaurant to buy all their supplies for one full month. Their 'koporat' culture insisted that "for efficiency" all procurement must be done once a month only. 

So the restaurant was forced to order ONE MONTH'S SUPPLY OF CHICKEN. 

Then they found out there was not enough refrigerator space to store 500 chickens !! They shoved the chickens everywhere.

Then the refrigeration also rosak. The "managers in absentia"  were not present to manage the situation. 

To make the story short, the restaurant shut down in about three months.

The story is not over. 
They have not paid the chicken supplier. 
They have not paid rent. 
They have not paid GST.

The retards always tell us that if you want to know about religious mumbo jumbo, then ask them. Because they are the mumbo jumbo experts.

In the same way, if you want to learn about business, why not ask the people who know about business and are already successful in business in the country?

Is that also too difficult to understand?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia Shuts Down Despite Super Strong Malaysian Economy ?? What Is Going On?

This is from Malaysiakini:

The Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M), which was set up to provide basic necessities at affordable prices, will no longer be open to the public, albeit "temporarily".

A check by Malaysiakini at multiple KR1Ms in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Kelantan, found that all were shuttered down, with notices informing of the closure, attached.

"This store will be temporarily closed, until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience caused," it read...


My comments : One by one they are shutting down.  The morons do not understand - the GST is killing the economy.

What the GST has done is it has chopped off at least 15% of the Malay / bumiputra purchasing power.  And the non Malays as well.  

Through the multiple price increases (after subsidies were cut and then 6% GST was imposed) the  actual cash buying power of the Malays / bumiputras has been reduced by at least 15%.

If a person was taking home RM1000 per month, their actual purchasing power is RM850 only.  Because 15% has been sucked up by GST induced price increases.

And their salaries are NOT increasing.

So they are dipping into their savings, assets reserves to make ends meet.

Sales at retail stores are dropping like bricks.

So the Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia has now shut down.

Temporarily?  Ok lets see how temporary is temporary.

Newsweek's Swamp Story

By Paul Wolfowitz.

Trump met Najib, visit WSJ characterized as “Trump’s Malaysia Swamp.”
a meeting White House should avoid. . . . Even photo with Kim Jong-un better.”
Washington Post said visit “sets a new low"

Najib known for imprisoning opponents, silencing media, reversing democracy. 
subject of largest kleptocracy investigation ever by US Justice Dept
forfeiture of US$1b assets purchased with “misappropriated” 1MDB
1MDB controlled by “Malaysian Official 1” — widely known to be Najib. 
his responsibility for US$4b misappropriated funds
US$1b  laundered in US 
MO1 personally received US$731m 

Did Trump know this ?

Healy Baumgardner of “45 Group” — registered as foreign agent represent PM
She received US$250,000 for her services.
Malaysia paid lavishly to purchase influence
Obama’s 2nd term M'sia rewarded Democratic Party fundraiser handsomely 
Najib secured an Obama state visit to Malaysia 
unprecedented invitation from Obama for golf.

Najib paid millions to APCO 
a portion went to London-based “Fact Based Communications, Ltd.” 
hire Josh Trevino to organize bloggers to write blog posts 

game blew up when Trevino fired by Guardian of London 
for failing to disclose he was on Malaysian payroll 

latest development in 1MDB case
FBI agent Robert Heuchling filing in court in Los Angeles 
identifying witnesses could result in intimidation or threaten their safety
local officials, politicians arrested for disclosing information linked to 1MDB

press reports driver of former AG Gani Patail shot in public 
possible warning against assisting US govt in the case
find out who was responsible for inviting Malaysian swamp to White House

Paul Wolfowitz is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

My comments : Something does not tally. They have something up their sleeve. It will not be good for moron.

Is PM Najib Cracking Up? Koon Yew Yin

Author: Koon Yew Yin   |    Publish date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017, 11:38 AM

During the past week, Prime Minister Najib may have just single-handedly lost the coming 14th general election for UMNO and Barisan Nasional. 
This is due to three crucial errors that he made in this short space of time.
Shaking Trump's Hand
Firstly, there was his much ballyhooed trip to the US to meet with President Trump. Despite our ever ready to angkat and ampu (flatter) national mass media trying to put a positive spin on it, the visit was a public relations disaster.
He went to show the world and Malaysia that Trump is his good friend. He was probably hoping to get a lot of election mileage with photos of him shaking Trump’s hand or standing by his side amidst glowing reports of how Malaysia is now a respected nation.
To ensure a good response from the United States and Trump, he also went with lots of cash to spend. This is very typical UMNO and Barisan strategy to win support. Take out the cheque book and goodies and throw them at the target group.  We have seen it so many times in our national politics.
But this strategy does not work in the US. Money does not buy approval so easily there.
Instead of giving the Malaysian PM due respect and face, most of the major newspapers either ignored his visit or in the case of some of the most respected ones – Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal – wrote nasty pieces about our scandal-ridden leader. 
Najib actually received such a blasting that it is difficult to see how he can ever dare to hold an international press conference with no-holds barred questioning by foreign journalists.
Killing Off MCA and UMNO
The second mistake was his performance at the recent Malaysian Chinese Patriotic Rally organized by the MCA to curry favour with Najib and UMNO.
According to reports, in his speech the Prime Minister noted that his was a “moderate government” and “committed to the peace and harmony” and “mutual respect”.  That’s arguable but few will lose their cool over this claim.
But his further remark must win the prize for political insensitivity if not idiocy.
The PM emphasized that "If there is no peace in our country, what will happen? The Chinese will be the first to be targeted if there is no peace in this country.”
Now what exactly was the point that the PM was trying to make if this statement on the Chinese being the first to be targeted in the event of a breakdown of peace was not meant as a crude threat to the Chinese audience in the rally and nation-wide.
Of course, everyone knows that the Chinese, Indian and foreign businesses are the first targets of religious and racial extremists in the country. This has been the case since May 1969 and continues to be the case even today, after nearly 50 years of UMNO and BN rule.
But surely this point needs clarification. 
What the PM should be saying is that although the Chinese are the first to be targeted, in fact it is all Malaysians and residents – including Malays – who are the targets and victims of racial and religious terrorists. 
It is not just the Chinese alone who will suffer from the absence of peace, Mr. Prime Minister and MCA.
Was it a slip of the tongue by the PM or was it his intention to frighten the Chinese in the country to vote for the MCA and BN?
Whatever it was, it was a stupid turn of phrase and it will turn the average Chinese voter, and other voters, against the BN.
The Return of Super Frog, Mat Talib
The third error is probably the most serious of the lot. This was the story or fake news on the dissolution of parliament which was rumoured to be the reason for his special press conference at UMNO HQ, Putra World Trade Center.
All UMNO supreme council members and other UMNO big guns were asked to drop whatever they were involved with to turn up for this meeting.
Another rumour which also went viral was that he was to announce the crossover of Selangor ADUN to the Barisan side, thus topping the Harapan state government under MB Azmin Ali.
What was actually announced – the return of super frog, Mat Talib, aka Mike Tyson to UMNO - was not just an anti climax. 
What prompted the PM to provide so much importance to one of the most notorious politicians whose alleged money laundering and other scandals has been the subject of coffee shop talk for many years is a complete mystery. Whatever the reason, it has made Najib a laughing stock even within UMNO.
Following this announcement, one commentator has even gone so far as to say this:
this period of the last 3-4 years has been the most embarrassing to be identified as MELAYU-MUSLIM-MALAYSIAN, period!
Why has the PM blundered so badly in these three events? Why is he cracking up?
There are three possible reasons:
The first is that the pressure from the 1 MDB and the huge sums of money in his personal account has got to him. He must especially be having nightmares over whether Jho Low may announce a deal with the US Department of Justice and may spill the beans on Najib’s possible involvement in the money laundering and other alleged criminal activities under investigation.
It is also possible that he is facing pressure from within UMNO to resign so that UMNO can present a cleaner image for the coming election. Many of the top UMNO leaders – including possibly the Deputy Prime Minister – realize that if Najib leads the party and BN into the 14th GE, the chances are that BN rule will be finally over and they will lose all the privileges, perks and positions of power.
A third reason is the pressure exerted by Dr. Mahathir. If we analyze what Najib has been doing, we can see that he has been trying to follow Dr. M’s footsteps in looking for international and national publicity. At the back of his mind must be the thought: anything the old man can do, I can do better! Well, in these episodes, we can see that they have backfired on Najib. 
Finally, it has been rumoured that these ‘successes’ of Najib in getting into the international and national spotlight have been planned by his high powered back room boys comprised of expensive consultants and lobbyists.
I am sure that there must be some Harapan and opposition special agents in this group who have advised Najib on these ‘coup’ which have left egg on his face.

My comments : 

He is already a cracko.
Never before in the history of mankind has there been such a stupid and unintelligent leader leading a following who are more stupid and unintelligent than him. There have always been stupid and unintelligent followers but they have been led by leaders with some intelligence.

This round the double  whammy is complete.  An unintelligent and stupid group of followers  have hoisted upon their shoulders a really stupid and unintelligent leader.   

Jawatan Kosong : Cuci Jamban Di Singafura Dan Ostolia.