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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Meanwhile over in China . . .

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Team A And Team B Plotting 'Coup de Etat' Inside UMNO ! !

I received this from someone.

1) Umno is caught up, both in an internal power struggle between team A (led by PM) and B (led by Zahid) plus another “external crisis” to win over the other BN parties especially those from Sarawak and Sabah to support the pro Hudud bill (RUU 355). It does NOT  look likely to be passed through this Parliamentary session (until 6 April).

2) Pas is also facing an internal power struggle (Hadi's position is getting weaker by the day) with many members feeling betrayed by Hadi's close relationship with PM and talks of Pas working together with Umno. Hadi's people (such as Nik Abduh) seem to be losing out in the current divisional elections. Grassroots sentiments in PAS and UMNO seem to be building up against and unfavourably to both presidents.

3) Rumours of Team B taking a stronger position might suggest why Nazri (seems to be an ally for now of team B by his recent attacks against Annuar Musa and Rahman Dahlan of Team A) is keen to having this public debate with Dr M on high profile issues such as 1MDB, which is likely to put more public pressure on PM. This is why that team A seems to be against this public debate.

4) One possible outcome on RUU 355 is for PM to quietly abandon it and let Team B "carry the baby" and take the blame for the failure. Zahid of Team B had been tasked by Najib to promote it, even suggesting that the government would take over the bill.

5) Heard that “big mama” is now in charge of a strategic unit to “take out or neutralize” team B and I_P, who is thought to be with team B now.

6) It would only be a matter of time before the power struggle in Umno leads to an open warfare and it is doubtful that the next GE would be held this year.

7) The decision by China to impose controls on the outflow of funds for the China purchasers of Country Garden project in Johor, is complicating matters and would adversely affect the power struggle in Johor between PM and MB there, who may be backed by the S there.

8) If RUU 355 is debated and does not get passed, then PM and Hadi are in big trouble. If it is quietly dropped or not brought up for first reading for this Parliamentary session, which is most likely the case, then PM can save face and blame Zahid and others for it but Hadi may be in trouble and may not survive a leadership challenge in Pas.

9) Sultan of Perak’s recent statement about the independence of judges seems to suggest that the judiciary should not be subservient to the executive (PM) and must be prepared to stand up against political interference. Another sign that the rulers might not be happy with what’s happening now.

10) Interesting times ahead, look out for further signs of the power struggle. For example, let’s see if Team A is going to stop the public debate between Nazri and Dr M, now scheduled on 7 April at Dewan Karangkraf  (Sinar Harian hq) in Shah Alam.

My comments :  Kepada Ahli MT UMNO, Zahid, Hisham please be serious. You really cannot expect UMNO to survive the next GE14. Even if you win, the win will be super, razor thin. You will definitely lose more States. Kedah, Terengganu are sure goners. Perak might go too - only two seat majority in Perak. 

Sabah might fall to the Opposition. Worse, Johor and Negeri Sembilan may see serious gains by the Opposition. 

The cure for all these problems (for now) is just tell Najib and wife to leave.  Such a simple cure. Just one individual person has to exit. Take his garbage with him. Problem solved.

Do you seriously expect to face the GE14 with Najib heading the gomen?  

Friday, March 24, 2017


There is something strange going on in the country. Pastor Koh was abducted by a team of about 15 men in three SUVs, two cars and two motorbikes.  The abductors even filmed the abduction. 

Then we found out that Joshua Hilmy a Malay turned christian preacher has also gone missing since late last year. People who know him suspect he has also been abducted, along with his wife. Police reports have been made yet until today the Police have no clue about the whereabouts of Joshua Hilmy. 

Now here is news that yet another man, social activist Amri Che Mat was also believed to have been abducted in November 2016. His family believes that a group of men also in a group of cars and motorbikes were responsible for his disappearance. 

Another man taken away, similar to pastor abduction

March 23, 2017

another person missing without trace
similar to abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh
social activist from Perlis, Amri Che Mat, 43
organised charity, built homes, donated rice to families
missing since Nov 24 
police reports made,  no news, no follow-ups
no update from police on husband’s case.

Amri’s wife, Norhayati Ariffin, 43, related events 
it was professionally done, well planned
11.30 that night, husband went out.
cars, bikes — lights off but people inside — parked near house 
around midnight, cars no longer there
cars parked in area for several days before Amri went missing
witnesses said Amri’s car surrounded by several cars 
before Amri reported missing
Amri's car stopped by a few cars, motorcyclists.

his car found 20km away near abandoned school

Amri forex trader, did not receive threatening call
bank accounts no abnormal transactions
activist's car  damaged but no fingerprints

work of experts, organised, professionals
modus operandi almost same (as pastor Koh abduction)
systematic abduction trend here
four months since activist disappeared 

My comments :  If indeed Amri Che Mat from Perlis, Joshua Hilmy and pastor Koh were abducted by the same gang, then the Police must advise us so.  Whether the Police have completed their investigations or not, they should have  some leads or some profiling that they can share with the public.

If the Police can say conclusively that these three abductions were totally unrelated then the Police must tell us so. 

The public is worried that there indeed is a gang that is going around planning and abducting people. 

In all three cases, the common factor is that no ransom demands have been made. This indicates some other motive, other than ransom money. I believe love triangles, Ah Long revenge, business rivalries, nasty mother-in-laws can all be ruled out. 

There appears to be more sinister elements at work here. 

In two of the cases (pastor Koh and Amri Che Mat) the presence of multiple vehicles and many men has been witnessed.  

With so many cctvs fixed along our roads and highways the complete absence of clues in the pastor Koh abduction (more than a month now) is quite mindboggling. 

The Amri Che Mat and Joshua Hilmy abductions are even longer (more than four months) with still no clues as well.

In 1998, the son of Muhd Taib the former MB was kidnapped. The Police shot dead the whole gang of kidnappers - within hours of the release of the boy. Among the five people the Police shot dead was a pregnant woman - the wife of one of the kidnappers. That was before the age of cctvs.

Something is not right. 

Hooray ! ! Muslims Need Not Travel Anymore To Great Satan Land.


Trump Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants

US embassies ordered to broadly increase scrutiny visa applicants

tougher for millions of visitors to enter US 

new security checks for tourists, business travelers, relatives 

first evidence of “extreme vetting” Trump promised 

new rules do not apply to 38 countries 
Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea under visa waiver 

Middle East, Africa NOT part of program. 

2016, US issued > 10 million visas 

Trump not waiting to toughen rules to enter US

embassy must scrutinize applicants to determine security risks

detailed questions about background 

mandatory checks of social media history 

concern about “radical Islamic terrorism” from immigrants.

will further slow down approval that can take months or years 

people profiled for extra scrutiny because of name or nationality

slow down screening, impose substantial burden on applicants

much harder and create substantial delays

Consular officers not hesitate to refuse any case 

Immediate Heightened Screening and Vetting of Visa Applications

to block “bad dudes” from predominantly Muslim countries.

protocols and procedures to enhance visa screening.

Embassy can deny visa if suspected threat, fraud or overstaying 

process of securing US visa to get harder and longer

inquiry during required interview

applicant’s travel history, addresses, work history for 15 years
all phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles in past 5 years.
embassy officials to delay interviews if applicant unable to provide info 

officials should interview no more than 120 visa applicants each day.

increases scrutiny on Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Libya.
For 6 banned countries limited exemptions, after vigorous screening. 

applicants will be questioned 15 years travel, occupational history

My comments :  Syukur Alhamdulillah. All praise be to Allah the Most Merciful. Man proposes but surely Allah disposes.  

The Muslims have been saved. They need not travel to the land of the Great Satan anymore.

Why would Muslims want to go to the US anyway? 
The country is run by the kafir people, the christians and the jews.

There is no need to go and study in their great universities.

Just go and study in Pakistan, Sudan or Yemen.


There is no need to visit their great cities.

Just go and visit Omdurman, Karachi or Jeddah.

There is no need to visit Disneyland (or "Disneyworld" he he).
Just go and visit the deserts. 

There is no need to buy any of their technology products.
Just  go and get the Anti Hysteria kit or buy two coconuts.

Who needs America anyway ?